“Nobody watches TV ads anymore ! “

Challenging Blog this week, thought I would attempt to write it based upon the media Tweet headlines that have popped up over the last few days – this has meant thumbing my way or scrolling through yards worth of News reports – @adanarchist irreverence – deaths – politics – bad taste jokes and above all Media, if it’s ok I’ll be using some that are others Retweets.Tweet headlines come think and fast giving you little time to think or in fact dig behind the head line.I like head lines,and following up a few months later to see if they have come to fruition.For example I’m pretty sure that by now we should have run out of email addresses and driving off cliffs as our Euro Sat Nav satellite had been hit by a Sun burst,oh and those yellow ducks drifting around the ocean should now be just off Paignton Pier.

In the main they have come from Media360 and the comments that fall out of that – an Engine Connected TV seminar and the numourous aghast at the Facebook IPO which will have IPO’d by now to further aghastnents at the float value.They will also be in no particular order as I lost my place so many times due to my speed of scroll that I gave up any kind of date order.

So here is my Twitter mash up :
ITV to charge £150000 for BGT spot,No one whatches TV ads anymore,GM pull advertising from Facebook,Facebook Valued at $104 billion dollars, Connected TV,Donna Summer Dead,Penguins – penisses and Peacocks,Media spend up 50% in 10 years, research up more,Greece,Leverson,Wickes rolls out social media,Global profits up,Ocean sells for £35m!,the daily newspaper that smells of bread … ( that’s enough Ed).

So basically the usual contradictory views that have driven media for donkeys years, perhaps the mash up should really read like this :

ITV told to poke £150000 for BGT spot,no one watches bad TV ads anymore,Facebook to charge GM for previously free Facebook pages,Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t buy an Astra,Donna still dead,Radio incredible renaissance, Wickes who cares….

So what’s the lesson, well behind every Tweet headline there is a deeper story which is the Twitter fault line really ie only a headline fits into 140 characters. What it does do however by providing so many headlines is to encourage you to occasionally dig deeper and that’s a good thing.So more links to articles lease as the journos do.

  • David Vawter

    Indeed.  And always consider the source.  Those who say TV is dead usually have something digital to sell you.

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