Tis full of suits in there !

Strange week this week not a lot to Blog about, what with Easter coming up,children off, roads empty yet petrol tanks full, our pals and colleagues enjoying one last ski run or praying for the sun to shine wherever.

So in advance of the potential tap on the shoulder from Phil Georgiadis for writing a blog so short that it”s a Tweet’ I’ll plough on.

What caught my eye last week was when a Westcountry staple food ‘the Pasty” became a controversial political battle ground .

A moment when folks who would never eat the product stuffed themselves in attire that the product was never designed to be consumed in.Was mentioned more times on TV than I can remember for a long time.

Why did Cameron claim to eat one in Leeds when he holidays in Cornwall for Pete’s sake ? It would have been his killer blow – sent news crews scurrying around the County tracking down the shop and helped the tourist trade to boot.

Well, I and a few others in the business hail from the Westcountry and thought I’d take this moment – a pause before Easter to let a wider audience know a few rules about the Pasty and why this simple food is being much maligned by the suited and booted from both Labour and Conservatives let alone the Media Commentators .

It is notable that the Lib Dems haven’t rushed to put on their Sunday best to be seen eating one, probably due to the fact that many have seats in Pasty land and know it’s real heritage, bit like knowing that real Cider is called Rough cider and not the “pop” you see advertised on TV or that Jethros accent is from a certain part of Cornwall.

So coming up are a few handy facts that everyone should be able to use.I will be developing an App around this later.

1.Real pasties come from Cornwall.

2.The only exception to the above are the classics from Ivor Dewdney in Plymouth

3.The only other other exception is that they can come also from Devon BUT have to be made in independent bakeries like the Upper Crust in Salcombe , served hot straight from the oven.

4.Ginsters are the only ones you should eat in London. They do come up from Cornwall every day. Ginsters is not a generic for Pasties

5.Greggs do not count as a Westcountry Pasty maker.

6.Nor do the ones sold at stations.

7.The best ones are a “flakey” and should not be eaten out of a bag or off a plate.

8.They can be eaten cold.

9.A real one is only eaten accompanied by the sound of Sea Gulls.

10.The shape is as important as is the colour and the quality of the crimping.

11. There should be no added flavour ie chilli !

Well I got that off my chest !

One last thought, does anyone remember the Ginsters ad that featured a load of dwarves carrying off a hungry lorry driver ?

Now that was proper controversial.

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