Baggy Brands: What the World is Waiting For

It’s official. the second summer of baggy is coming. A cultural commentator over at the Guardian has decreed it. What with The Stone Roses reforming and The Happy Monday’s touring with the Inspiral Carpets, something’s afoot.

And you know there’s something forming – in the that place where memes form – when Kellog’s PR team start running round the interweb threatening to give Tim Burgess his very own cereal called Totes Amazeballs – a mix of rocky road, coco-pops,n marshmallows and shortbread (sounds HighFatSugerSalt-tastic).

So now I’m just waiting for Candyflip to reform, and then i can pack my bags and move somewhere remote, like Rutland.

But, for all you Dalston dinsters who want to get faux-nostalgic from the first time baggy hit, here’s a run down of the summer’s go-to brands for re-creating your very own spirit of ’89.

1. Joe Bloggs. The denim du jour of any baggy wannabee. Wearing them was like drowning in a puddle of denim. Currently only available from TK Maxx, such has been the brand’s fall from fashion favour. Surely somebody, somewhere is busy working on a hasty relaunch (which will be very short-lived, lasting approximately the same length of time as The Stone Roses’ first comeback gigs)

2. Kickers. In contrast Kickers has maintained a fairly timeless sense of itself. If you could have loaded a pair of these into your Viagogo basket when buying those overpriced “resold” Stone Roses tickets, i bet an alarmingly high number of grown men would have done so. That said, everyone should think twice before buying a red pair (to be clear, even having thought twice about it, DO NOT BUY A RED PAIR).

3. Naf Naf. Together with Chipie, they ruled the sweatshirt market. Now only found on the internet. Or in France.

4. Ray Ban Wayfarers. Sadly, it seems Mark Ronson beat you to it here. There’s little cache left in resurrecting these babies and pretending you’re Sean Ryder stood on the roof of a Spanish hotel.

5. Studioline from L’Oreal. Like hairgel? Like Mondrian? Well what are you waiting for? Get down to Wilkinsons quick sharp.

6. The Face. Hit its peak as the 90’s arrived. Every magazine man in London who’s the wrong side of 40 (status anxious; nostalgia twinges) has romanticized about buying the license and bringing it back. And this is the year to do it – a beautifully rendered iPad edition, which will showcase the design pre-eminence of this publication, and which nobody will buy in itunes for £5.99.

7. Nintendo Gameboy. You can keep your PS Vita, i’m sticking with Tetris.

8. Salman Rushdie. The man who introduced Middle England to the word “Fatwa”. Dig out The Satanic Verses, it’s really rather good.

9. Sky. It launched that year. Spare a moment to feel sorry for, and then laugh at, all your friends whose parents committed themselves to a BSB Squarial. It wasn’t smart to be square.

10. Can’t think of a number 10. Apart from Ten Storey Love Song. So any suggestions very welcome.

  • Ian Darby

    I know it was a year later but “World in Motion” was almost 1989. And the NME has just published thisNew Order, Dizzee Rascal, Tinie Tempah for ‘World In Motion’ remake?

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