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Social intelligence

This social media thing is all the rage isn’t it. If we were all confused before about integration and the impact of digital on our businesses we are doomed now.

I can’t think of a client we have that doesn’t need or use some form of social media in their day to day existence.

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Tucked away in the last third of the BBC Nine O’clock news last week was a very small piece by a very pleased reporter who’d been despatched to Las Vegas to report on the latest releases at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Friday the 13th – Unlucky for Google

According to Wikipedia, fear of Friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekaphobia. After today, I wonder whether Google will suffer from this in the future.

It began this morning when Stefan Magdalinski, CEO of Mocality in Kenya, the country’s largest business directory, posted a blog entitled: ‘Google, What Were You Thinking?

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Don’t follow this Rabbit down the hole

Anyone old enough to remember all the excitement that was caused by the Rabbit?

No. Not that Rabbit – although admittedly that one has created lots of excitement for lots of people, especially Sex in the City characters.

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An Olympic Challenge: Can London 2012 leave a creative legacy?

Ian Millner, CEO and founder of iris

This is my first blog post for Campaign (and, in fact, ever), so I thought I’d pick a timely topic and something that’s close to our hearts.

The Olympic legacy and our youth’s participation in sport has been all over the news this week, but what will the legacy of these Olympics be?

Well they will certainly improve our salience, attract tourists, improve infrastructure and boost employment in certain industries.

Visa believes that it will inject something of the order of £750 million into the British economy.

But how will this impact the British marketing industry?

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Change management Chinese-style

The start of the year is a traditional time to be thinking about how life will be different in 2012. If you’re in Europe or North America, then, let’s be frank, the process is pretty intellectual; extra investment in digital further declines on press and greater marketing emphasis on social media.

It is, however, change by degrees, an iterative evolution. In China, change management is on a different scale, it can be fundamental to the business of today, or at worst next week. Read more on Change management Chinese-style…


Someone in the leadership function in the ranching industry .

The Perfect Storm

I love it when everything comes together to create a great ad: a combination of lots of different elements that makes an ad oh so effective. There’s one in particular that we’ve been talking about a lot in the past week: the British Heart Foundation’s ‘Stayin Alive’ ad ( Read more on The Perfect Storm…

The drugs don’t work – but neither do the ads

Last week I was puzzled to see the responses to the first advertising campaign to use Facebook Timeline.  Made by McCann Digital in Israel, it features the timeline of Adam Barak, a fictional character whose life is given the ‘Sliding Doors’ treatment.

On one side of the Timeline we see what a year with drugs looks like, on the other, we see what Adam’s year would have been like if he were drug free. The fact that Israel’s Anti-Drug Authority commissioned the ad should give you a clue as to how things pan out for each of the alter egos.

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In praise of Amy

“My name is Amy I like slugs and snails”

I first read those words 27 years ago on a bus shelter in Brixton.  I remember it so clearly because Amy is part of the reason why I work in the communications industry today.

On this, my first blog post for Campaign, it seems fitting to go back to where it all started for me…

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