Hats off to Twitter

Appropriately enough, I came across Twitter’s spoof recruitment video via a Tweet.

If you haven’t seen it, watch it now because it’s brilliant: At Twitter, The Future is You!

It works so effectively not only as a parody of the cheesy recruitment videos we’ve all seen, but also as an effective riposte against the highly polished ads made by other companies such as Apple and Google. (Although to be fair, Twitter makes them too.)

Twitter used a hack week project to make the best/worst recruitment video of all time, and they’ve created one that reflects the company’s quirky personality. (How many other web services provide a ‘Fail Whale’ when they fall over?)

The result is three minutes of fun, with a sharable hashtag and a bespoke Twitter account @jointheflock. In short – an effective social media campaign.

Hats off to Twitter.

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