Social intelligence

This social media thing is all the rage isn’t it. If we were all confused before about integration and the impact of digital on our businesses we are doomed now.

I can’t think of a client we have that doesn’t need or use some form of social media in their day to day existence.

Because it is growing so fast, it is hard to keep up with what sort of people are best at it and therefore how to recruit for it, productise it, manage it.

It can be put in the digital bucket, it can be aligned with PR, it can be a component of brand experience, or even direct marketing give the increasing interest in social commerce.

The entrepreneur in me can’t help feeling that this is ok, but that it does need some leadership.

We tried to do this with a programme we set called Urgent Genius.

Urgent Genius is a bright and stimulating philosophy about the need for brands to work real time and the need for agency people to become ‘hybrids’ (account handling, strategists, writers), and that they should adopt an editorial mindset.

This was good; it attracted lots of interest and opportunity. It is the easiest sell in the world.

It most definitely didn’t address the question though, it just created more social media busness.

So maybe we ‘ll all just have to wait and see where this quick evolution will take us.

One thing that I think is true though is that the closer it is to the client the better, as it is the most immediate and influential channel a brand has in today’s turbo-charged and hyper-competitive world.

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