Tucked away in the last third of the BBC Nine O’clock news last week was a very small piece by a very pleased reporter who’d been despatched to Las Vegas to report on the latest releases at the Consumer Electronics Show.

He announced that it was all about Smart TV’s ( used to be mobile)wifi enabled and App hungry – we’ll apparently be able to connect to anything at anytime to get what we want via our widescreen that lives on the wall of our main room

Bit by bit people Tweeted and wondered how it will make an impact,You View then quietly announced they’d spent £20m and still put their  launch back- You View has no point in launching if our Vegas man is correct .

The Sunday Times on Jan 15 picks up on the same theme.

So what should we make of all this ? 

A lot of commentary dives into a future battle between Netflix ,Sky Movies and Love film – one of those will win and as Sky owns 20th Century Fox one suspects it’ll be them.The real losers here could well be the Cinemas as the Distributors look to close the window between Cinemas and streaming release.Why wouldn’t people pay for stunning films like the Artist whose box office is comparatively low but TV viewing would be high ?

Below the radar and where tradition linear TV is under the greatest threat is wher the real change will come from, Advertisers – Clients who’ll be able to get screen time without being an advertiser or channel – direct to the consumer in the comfort of their lounge with out going via a channel,programme or platform.

Quite simply the opportunity for the Premier league to go direct, every club in every village go direct – every street it’s own TV Station and on and on.

Brands will be able to create their own channels, have direct links via apps and most of all 24/7 two way communication.

I can’t wait.

Bit nerdy this but download all the TV Players on to your iPad plug it into your TV dont watch anything live for a day and see the difference it makes,not quite streaming but only a day out!

Oh, apparently Apple had around 250 delegates signed up yet they demoed nothing.

Apple will be the smart announcement, if they can replicate the Apps model on screen that will be a game changer.

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