Logging on to Linkedin the other day to have a quick gander I was struck again by the “whose been looking at you” bit , and there it was neatly on the right hand side “your profile has been viewed by 5 people in the past day ” and one of them was an “anonymous Linkedin user” this is the equivalent of who ever it is knocking on your front door and running off down the road.You see whilst we’re busy inviting chums on Linkedin there are out there people who you don’t know having a look at us,and as they are anonymous and in proper stalker mode not telling you they are.So please Linkedin can we have a button to block the anonymous or at least an auto block ?

If this wasn’t bad enough there is another weird Linkedin visitor and that is ‘what the bloody hell could they want’ category I had a belter on Monday and it was “Someone in the leadership function in the ranching industry” now I know I’m looking for fresh challenges but long horn wrestling ain’t one of them.

A similar dimension exists on Twitter, a friend told me recently that he had over 126 followers after the normal banter of you don’t know that many people etc I asked him if he’d actually had a look at who there were, he hadn’t so I have ! Unbeknown to him amongst his legit chums were “curvaceous Dee” and “Russian Brides”, how they hook on to your account is a mystery but check your followers you’ll be suprised what and who is in there.

Finally I thought I’d recommend two Tweeters to follow @adanarchist for its occasional pricking of Adlands pomposity and only and only when Chelsea are playing @timothylindsay – ranting at it’s very elegant best .

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