2012 :year of the ?

It’s a media requirement that at the start of every year that someone declares it’s the year of something, the something generally never happens or is so small as to be insignificant .This year ,a tough year for business I would argue that this year is a year for everyone,a planner and buyers dream.

Commercial TV is strong ,Radio driven by Global and innovating by Absolute,Posters digitising as fast as the screen builds will let them and despite circulation falls the National press still the place for comment on the National Agenda.Online now has it’s own brands to battle for spend,proper brands with proper audiences and if you have the courage you can even make your own.

So despite the toughness an advertisers dream.

The only negative for the industry in 2012 or the real “year of the … ” question is this ……Is the investment required to attract and hold an audience now beginning to outweigh the amount of advertising revenue clients are prepared to put against the same ? The share prices at the end of 2012 will tell .Apart from that enjoy .

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